The Forgotten Top 10...

With more than 40 million Americans planning to move this year, even the most organized person will forget something.  Bill's Movers wants to help you keep your sanity.

For the Record

Get copies of your medical records.  Don't forget the dentist, veterinarian and immunization information.  A notarized letter may be required to receive official documents.

For the Record 2

Be sure to contact your child's school concerning the transfer of records.  You will need these documents in order to enroll at your new school.  Many times copies will not be sufficient, a raised seal may be required.

Phone Numbers

Pack your current phone book.  You may think you will never forget the number to your pharmacy, grocer, doctor or your best friend, however keeping a copy from your old neighborhood will ensure your memory. 


Remember to tie up any loose ends.  Don't forget your dry cleaning, returning a rented movie or picking up the pictures you sent for development.

New Address

In the hustle and bustle of moving, you may forget your new address.  Always keep your new address handy in your purse or wallet.  This is very important when forwarding mail or running into an old friend.

Nice & Tidy

Remember that once your old home is vacant, you may want to make a final cleaning.  Leave a small supply of cleaners to complete this task.  If you do not have time to do it yourself, consider hiring a crew to clean it for you. 

Open Sesame

Often in the hectic time of moving, people forget to leave the garage door opener for the new tenants or owners.  Once your movers have completed the loading process, remove the opener from your vehicle and place on a kitchen countertop. 

Rover & Kitty

More often than not, moving companies can not transport animals or plants.  Be sure to make arrangements for them to go safely to their new home.


Don't forget to clean out your safe deposit box.  It is also a good idea to open a checking account in your new town approximately one month before your move.  This will allow you to have full access to your account and not have to worry with counter checks.


Spare keys should be collected at least a week before your move.  Don't forget about the key next door or under the rock outside the back door.  Gather all sets before you leave.

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