Moving Tips...

Prior to Your Move

Get rid of items you do not need or have not used before the movers arrive.  Ask yourself if you have used questionable items in the last year.  If you have not, then you probably do not need them any longer.  Exceptions to this rule would be seasonal items such as holiday decorations.  Also, get rid of hazardous materials.

Do not move jewelry, money, coin collections, etc.  Keep these items in your possession.

Confirm dates and services to be performed with the office personnel at your chosen moving company.  Notify them as soon as you know your projected move date.  Try to have a date at least one week in advance.  Most companies have few openings, so in order to get your preference, book early.

Make a list of items that will need special handling.  This includes glass top tables, marble tops, heavy mirrors, large pictures and pianos.  Some items require special equipment to move them such as grand and baby grand pianos.  Be sure to let your movers know if these items will be placed upstairs.

Check the access for loading and unloading at each stop.  Can a 28' truck have legal parking close to an entrance?  If not, let your estimator know so they can prepare for the distance items will have to be carried.  Are there elevators or stairs?  If you are moving into an apartment, is there an elevator accessible for the movers or will they be required to carry your belongings up the stairs.  Also, check with your apartment manager to find out where they will be allowed to park.  Explain to them that the entire process can last a few hours depending on the size of your move.

Do not have the phone disconnected at your present location until after it is empty.  Communication is important!

Provide phone numbers at your new location.  Be sure to give a home, work and if possible, a cell phone number.

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