Packing with Children...


Lots of love and time

Close attention to feelings


Blank newsprint

Medium and Large Boxes

Helpful Tips

Pack children's rooms last if they are still small. Having the security of their routine until the very end will make the transition go more smoothly.  Give older children extra time to pack their rooms with you.  Packing up is a good time to talk about things they might be worried or feel sad about - leaving friends, school, a home they have always lived in and facing a new school.  Understanding feelings and offering your reassurance will ease the transition for them.

Allow them to select some items to take with them in the car. 

Most children's toys are fairly durable and can go in boxes with some wadded newsprint or extra clothes to fill in spaces.  Breakable toys like models or porcelain dolls must be wrapped very well.  Please remember, a moving truck does not ride as smooth as your vehicle.

While your children are packing, ask them them to think about where they would like things to go in their new rooms.

Make sure you drain water from squirt guns, seal paints and other safe but messy materials in zippered bags or containers.  Pack them together in a box lined with a plastic bag.  This will prevent possible leakage from getting on any of your other items. 

Allow your children to seal the boxes and write their names on each box.  A fun idea is to get their favorite stickers and let them "decorate" their boxes.

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