How to Pick a Mover...

Many people choose a mover based on price.  However, there are a number of other factors to consider when you make your choice.


Do you know anyone who has used a given mover?  In most cases, try to get at least two references on a particular mover to ensure consistency.  Anyone can have a good or bad experience with a move so one reference is usually not reliable.  Ask all movers that give you an estimate for their references and check them out.  Be sure to ask the person you are speaking to when they used this mover and what their experience was. 


All household goods motor carriers (movers) operating within Texas are required to have an active certificate of motor carrier registration and abide by the motor carrier rules and regulations under Chapter 218 of title 43, Texas Administrative Code.  This includes major van lines, as well as local movers with trucks and trailers.  If you are planning to hire a moving company in Texas, TxDMV wants you to be aware of your rights and responsibilities when choosing a mover.  Find more information at

There are many moving companies out there, so choose your mover carefully.  Shop around to find the best prices and services.  TxDMV does not regulate fees charged by movers and as a state agency, TxDMV will not recommend specific moving companies.  However, they do provide a searchable database on their website ( ) that you can access to verify whether your mover is properly registered.  You may also contact the department's Enforcement Division at 1-888-368-4689 to obtain information regarding your mover's complaint history. 


A low price is no bargain if your treasured possessions are not insured.  Licensed movers are required to provide limited liability coverage at no additional cost.  You can usually purchase additional coverage for an extra premium.  All insured moving companies will provide you with a copy of their insurance, upon your request.  Be sure that it comes from the insurance company and check with them to insure that it is current.

Time Frame:

A local move should be completed within a few hours.  Check with the company you choose to see their time frame. 

Length of Time in Business:

Check with your mover about the length of time their business has been in operation.  Be careful when choosing a company that has not been in business very long.  See if they have operated under a different name, if so, ask why they changed names.  Check on the length of time their employees have been with them.  If a moving company has been in business for 10 years and have many of the original employees, odds have it that they are well qualified and take care of their customers. 


Understand your options. Get more than one quote.  We recommend that you get three estimates from well known companies.  Most moving companies do these free and at no obligation.  If you get two estimates that are similar in price and one that is considerably cheaper, ask why.  Check with your friends and family, word of mouth is the best and the worst advertising.  Check with your bank, realtor, and doctor to see who they recommend, especially if you have never moved or are moving to a new town. 

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